land+form is an environmental design firm focusing on creating sustainable landscapes for homes and businesses using environmental design practices and concepts including Permaculture, Holistic ManagementĀ®, and other design processes. Our goal is to help you move your site towards sustainability. We enjoy educating, helping and working with you to provide the healthiest and happiest connection possible between you, your home and your land.

Sustainability is an overused and diluted term that can mean many things these days. To us it means this: by design, creating landscapes that use existing natural processes and effective design principles to create a site most likely to thrive in our region’s climate and conditions, and a site in which you, yourself, can thrive.Ā  Well-designed sites should require minimal inputs, maintenance, time and energy to maintain over time. They are inherently economical over the long-term. They should become healthy ecosystems themselves so that residents can enjoy them.

We think that the most beautiful, sustainable sites provide outdoor rooms and havens, beauty, wildlife viewing, variety, food, learning, safety, and pleasure.