We provide environmental site assessment, design and consulting services based primarily upon the practice of Permaculture developed by Bill Mollison and David Holmgren. Permaculture is a design process that can be applied anywhere in the world, in any climate or region, to strategically places elements in relationship to one another in an. We use Permaculture design to move the site and its inhabitants towards sustainability, creating a site that maximizes positive aspects and mitigates unfavorable conditions. The Permaculture design process provides an excellent means of achieving success in drylands.
We also are inspired by the work of other leaders in environmental design, land restoration, organic farming and gardening, and beekeeping including (in no particular order):

  • Wes Jackson and The Land Institute on using livestock to improve land
  • Alan Savory and Holistic Management
  • Joel Salatin of Polyface Farm¬†on using livestock to grow soil
  • Ruth Stout‘s no-work gardening (watch her video on no-work gardening – she’s a wonderful renegade)
  • Les Crowder‘s natural and top bar beekeeping methods
  • John Jeavon‘s bio-intensive and organic gardening techniques.
  • Plants for a Future’s excellent edible and medicinal plant database

These leaders and educators perceive, understand and work with ecosystems in order to achieve superlative results, as permaculture does. Without a systems approach, a site design or garden is always at a disadvantage, requiring more input, work and effort to be healthy and adaptable.

We are also energized by the integration of permaculture design in architecture in order to create and maximize functional sustainable outdoor spaces (instead of designing landscapes as an afterthought,) environmental art, renewable energy, green building, and other sustainability trends.