Amy Pilling is a permaculture designer with 20 years experience in environmental design in Santa Fe and northern New Mexico. Working with homeowners, architects or engineers, Amy provides site assessment, design and installation services with a goal of creating sustainable home sites, or landscapes that are healthy, economical and beautiful. Amy is also a beekeeper and a chicken fan.
Heather Harrell has been an organic farmer for fifteen years. She grows a wide variety of vegetables, fruits and medicinal herbs on her biodynamic farm in northern NM. She is passionate about making great compost, using compost teas and developing her farm with multiuse permaculture plantings which support a diverse network of interrelationships in the natural world. She is the coauthor of Top-Bar Beekeeping, Organic Practices for Honeybee Health published by Chelsea Green in 2012, and has developed her farm to be a demonstration site for pollinator forage species.