Site Design

Site Design is most successful when based upon a Site Assessment as a foundation for all decision-making.

A creative Site Design marries your needs and wishes with the conditions and needs of your site to create a beautiful, liveable, easily-maintained, and successful site. When there is good connection between the two, you’ll enjoy a higher quality experience of your landscape, and expanded living space in “outdoor rooms” you can spend time in.


  • Siting of structures including buildings, roads, etc.
  • Site-wide drainage design
  • Roof design (we can work with your architect to determine where to send rainwater for your use)
  • Water harvesting techniques
  • Gardens for beauty, food, and wildlife
  • Farming
  • Orchards
  • Bees and livestock
  • Windbreaks
  • Remediation and restoration
  • Soil building or conditioning
  • Wildlife plantings
  • Planning for wild fire

We work with you to determine your goals and plans for your property, your abilities and desire to be involved in maintenance of your site, your aesthetic preferences, and your requirement for resources from your property. You can be as involved as you like in the design process.