Myco-planning Network

“…the distributed ‘logic’ underpinning [the organism’s] decision-making routines corresponds to human logic behind planning decisions.”

Andrew Adamatzy and Jeff Jones


Myco-planning Network is a collaborative data visualization, art, and citizen science exhibit that currently focuses on the topic of hunger, and the networks and systems that both create and seek to solve one of our thorniest problems. Begun in the summer of 2015 by Stephanie Rothenberg and Amy Pilling, Myco-planning Network will be shaped by a team of advisors in the financial, mycology, social service, social justice, agriculture and other communities. The exhibit will be performative with community interaction so that the Network can be used as a springboard to rethink system design applied to real world problems.

Myco-planning Network was selected as a finalist and received an award in The Land Mark Show put together by Guest Juror Grace Kook-Anderson, former Curator of Contemporary Art at the Laguna Art Museum.


“The organism flows in the best possible direction without a single conscious thought. It is the ultimate in crowdsourcing.” 

Ed Yong

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